For best results using our website, we have created some tips:

  1. SHOP menu
    • Click All Products to go to the main Shop page with all products, or;
    • Choose the category type you wish to view and you will be redirected to those items.
      You can always select ‘All’ from the category menu under the Magical Rugs logo at any time.
  2. SHOP page, (All Products)
    • This page shows all our products.
    • You can select a specific category from the text menu below the Magical Rugs logo.
  3. Filters
    • The filters can help you refine your search by simple sorting by colour or size filtering, or a combination of both.
    • Use Product Tags to further refine your search to particular item types.
    • You can select several items to filter by. E.g, select your colour, allow the filter to process, then select the size to further refine your search.
    • The criteria you have currently working will be displayed directly above the products, to the left.
    • You can then delete one or more active filters, by clicking the (x) next to the filter you have currently selected.
      Select one criteria at a time and allow a few seconds for the filter to display the results.
  4. Individual Product pages
    • There may be several options to choose on each product e.g size and colour options.
    • Select your desired colour first, then choose your size.
    • The customised item price and size will then display, and can then be added your basket.
    • Should you wish to change the colour options, you must press the (x Clear) button to reset the options.
  5. My Account
    • An account will give you access to all your purchases, order and delivery progress.
  6. CART
    • If you are experiencing difficulties calculating shipping costs in the cart, choose the correct region on the Basket page before proceeding to the Cart.
    • You must fill in all required details on the Cart page starting with your name and work your way down for the shipping module to process your address correctly.
    • Your web browser must be set to accept and use cookies. If your browser is not set to use cookies, you will be unable to use the cart and other dynamic functions of many websites and will prevent you from being able to make purchases using the website systems.
    • Our website does not hold and payment information as this is processed off-site by Payment Express systems and your bank.
    • Our website has SSL security to further protect you while using our site.

Sometimes the internet can do strange and unexpected things, and if you have a problem displaying a page correctly, try to press the ‘refresh’ button on your web browser.

Please check your spam and junk folders for email as sometimes email programs and servers can put them there by mistake.

Should you have any trouble using the site, please contact us and we will assist you as soon as possible.
If you are using an Ad blocker, this can also interfere with scripts on the pages and should be disabled for this site if having any issues.
There is no advertising whatsoever on this website.