Magical Rugs don’t sell the cheapest products available, we rather take pride in providing quality, value for money solutions to all our valued customers.
We are also as transparent as possible when it comes to quality of product, and related aspects.

We do not lead our customers to believe they are getting luxury items or high quality items for discounted pricing, because this is not possible. You can not pay less for real luxury or quality- it does not exist.
Our products are priced accordingly to quality, so you can judge for yourself and get what you pay for.


We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear on the Site.
However, as the actual colours you see will depend on your display, we cannot guarantee that your display of any colour will be accurate.


We only choose the highest quality suppliers of products, using the best materials available in the market today.
Our products are priced accordingly to their quality and wearing abilities, where higher priced items have a longer life expectancy, and lower rate of imperfections than lower priced items.

All woven items such as rugs come with small ‘faults’ and irregularities, and these are to be expected in such made items and do not constitute a return or refund.

We supply standard sizing or measurements of the rug to a reasonable match of the item.
All woven products are susceptible to be slightly different sizing, colour, shape, even the design can be slightly different and is part of the uniqueness of these kinds of products.
Any major differences will be pointed out on the product page however contact us first if you require an exact measurement, we will be happy to do so.


Our products are sourced from the very best manufacturers, using the highest grade materials and workmanship.
However if you have a concern with any product you purchase, contact us immediately and we will work with you for a solution.
Where a product is clearly faulty by our judgement, we will offer options, including replacement if necessary.

While our products are of a very high standard, we can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from mis-treatment of our products which is out of our control.
External factors including UV sunlight, water damage and spills, incorrect cleaning methods, pets, and other extreme conditions are not covered.
Again, if you have specific requirements or concerns, contact us first and we can help choose the best product for you and your situation.

We do not recommend use of rotating brush vacuums as these pull on the pile.
These kinds of brush heads are designed for flat house carpet, and are not recommended for rugs.
Vacuuming should be done with a low/mid power setting, and with a wide smooth foot.
Excessive or extreme use of a vacuum cleaner will cause excessive wear on any carpet or rug.
For deep down dirt, a gentle professional clean is recommended.

If you have any queries as to caring for the product, contact us directly for information and we will be pleased to help.


With all our experience we find that being open and honest has always served us well.

New Zealand has one of the highest levels of UV light in the world.
ALL furnishings including rugs are subject to fading.
We do however use the highest grade materials and dyes available during manufacturing processes, which make all our products as strong as possible for New Zealand conditions- however due to the harshness of our sun, all furnishings will experience fading, and all synthetic materials will break down- no matter what furnishings you have.

If someone tries to tell you otherwise, it is simply not true because it is a natural process that all materials slowly deteriorate back into a natural state.

Some materials tend to show fading of colour but stay strong, while some materials will break down, which appears as fading.
The time it takes for these things to happen depends on the location of your rug- e.g north facing, all day sun will damage your furnishings a lot quicker than the south facing side.

Placing furnishings including rugs into direct sun will result in fading, and/or breaking down of materials eventually, and it is part of the natural earthly process.
Protect your rugs from excessive light as you would other furnishings for an extended life.

Talk to us about your concerns and we can help you choose the best product for your application.